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About Me

I’m Jellie. I love trying new food from different cuisines and time periods. You can always find me in the kitchen experimenting with new gadgets and interesting ingredients.

Real Ordinary Food is all about making diverse international recipes accessible to the ordinary vegan home cook.

This blog is part recipe collection, part food diary, part travelogue. I love exploring the world thru my tastebuds and I want to document my successes with veganizing beloved recipes from all over the globe. Not only does every culture have delicious, naturally plant-based foods, I believe that with enough creativity and experimentation, any omni dish can be enjoyed in a vegan form! Comment a favourite dish you would like to see veganized.

NOTE: Some of the older recipes on this site contain animal products as they were published before I started a plant-only diet. But all new recipes are 100% vegan friendly!

You can follow me on Instagram and I upload Youtube videos sometimes too.

I’m open to collaborations and sponsored work both on my blog and Instagram. Please consult my media kit for more information and contact details.