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jellie's food diary for mar 18 2019 – mar 24 2019: tofu, peanut butter cups, cauliflower cheese bake, arepas, rotis, mac n cheese

My Food Diary: Mar 18–24 (What I Eat)

I’ve been stress-eating a lot of carbs lately. I managed to get some veggies in, thanks to my cauliflower cheese bake, but this week hasn’t been the healthiest.

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Mac ‘n’ Cheese from Pusateri’s

pusateri's eaton centre mac n cheese

I was working late again today and was too hungry to wait to eat at home, so I grabbed something over at the Pusateri’s under Saks. I hadn’t had cheesy macaroni in a while, and seeing that delicious golden cheese sauce over the little pasta shells was too much for me. I was so excited, I ate it right in the food hall rather than bring it back to the office (in retrospect, maybe a good idea, since the cheese smelled pretty strong).

Sadly, I was disappointed. The pasta was extremely soft. Evidently the prolonged warming had overcooked it. I still slurped up the whole container, so it wasn’t bad, but not worth the $10+ I paid for it.

Cauliflower Cheese Bake

creamy cauliflower cheese bake recipe

I guess today is a pretty cheesy day for me. After coming home, I had a small side of the cheesy cauliflower casserole I made last week.

I’m really happy with how well this dish holds up for meal prep. I simply reheated it in the microwave. The cauliflower was a nice melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the cheese was soft and warm.


Marinated Baked Tofu

Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe is the first place where I’ve seen baked tofu referred to as “protein French fries.”

My “French fries” didn’t exactly turn out anything like the photos on the website, but they tasted okay. They were a little too salty and sour for me, so I won’t be making this recipe again. The great thing about tofu, though, is there are so many ways of seasoning them! The texture was good, with a crunchy outside and chewy, meaty inside, so I’ll just switch up the flavour combo next time.



I’ve had enough of Kulshaan making me drool with his descriptions of yummy Indian food! I went home today and made a pile of rotis.

It turns out they’re pretty simple to make, with just four ingredients (one being water) in the recipe I used. I bought a little jar of durum flour from Bulk Barn specifically to make these. I have to say, I really love the taste of this flour! It’s almost like a blend between whole wheat and all purpose—not as coarse as whole wheat, but with some of its nutty flavour. The dough has become one of my favourites to work with. Very smooth and soft, and fun to knead!

I still prefer naan, but for a quick, unleavened recipe, rotis are a solid choice.


I’ve been thinking about Minimalist Baker’s lovely-looking arepas for a long time now. I finally went out and got some PAN brand masarepa (pre-cooked cornmeal) and set to making this recipe. I’m shocked at how stupidly easy it is?!

The dough comes together sooo nicely and it takes like five minutes to mix and form all of the arepas. I was liberal on the oil, which was a good choice because it gave the arepas a thick, crispy crust all around. Unfortunately, they are kind of calorie-dense, and very addictive. Even though I’d just eaten dinner, I ate way too many of these in one sitting. No regrets.


Homemade Peanut Butter Cups

homemade peanut butter cups

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are one of my favourite Halloween chocolates. But I’m kind of against buying packaged foods right now, so I wanted to try making my own version. It helps that I have an insane amount of peanut butter in my cupboards, of course.

I used instructions from Allrecipes. My silicone muffin molds came in so handy for this project! They unmolded beautifully with barely any sticking. But I guess maybe I didn’t temper the chocolate correctly, or didn’t use the right type of chocolate chips (they were very resistant to melting), but the chocolate has a different texture to the packaged peanut butter cups. More sticky and chewy, a tiny bit like caramel. I actually liked it more than the packaged ones, though!

making homemade peanut butter cups

The best part by far of making these? You can fill them with as much peanut butter as you want. That alone makes these so much more satisfying to eat than a store-bought Reese’s.

I ate these as a dessert after finishing the last serving of my cauliflower cheese bake for dinner. Yummy yummy!

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