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jellie's food diary for may 20 2019 – may 26 2019

My Food Diary: May 20–26 (What I Eat)

Found a way to re-purpose okara (strained-out soy milk pulp) into vegan fish! My less successful projects this week include pork belly and avocado cookies.

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Okara Fish

The great thing about making your own soy milk: you don’t waste any of the solid pulp that gets strained out. There are lots of ways to re-purpose this pulp, which is called okara. Today I made a batch of vegan fish using okara, rice, and some vital wheat gluten flour.

I was skeptical of the recipe, but it was actually really fun to make, and better yet, really tasty!

The recipe calls for steaming them for 45 minutes, but I used my Instant Pot instead. I arranged them on the steamer rack and set it for 20 minutes at High Pressure.

okara vegan fish

The resulting okara fish do have a texture resembling firm fish fillets, and the nori imparts a “seafood” taste. One thing to note is that these are very dry. If you eat them plain, have lots of water ready. Otherwise, I think they’d also be really tasty in a burger with tartar sauce, simmered in soup, or chopped up and used in place of tofu in any dish.


Chickpea Tuna Salad

chickpea tuna salad

I packed a lunch to go today! Feels like I haven’t done that in a while, I feel quite organized and put-together today.

This time I tried a recipe from Skinnytaste for a simple chickpea and tuna salad. Well, let’s just say that it’s… very healthy. The tuna and chickpeas don’t really work together. The combination of beans + fish doesn’t exactly smell the greatest, either. I think I’ll have to add some lettuce to balance out the acidity from the onions and vinegar.

Tbh, I think this would’ve worked better if I’d substituted the okara fish I made yesterday in place of the tuna. Then it would be vegan too!


Savoury Soy Milk Waffles

savoury vegan waffles

I mixed up a standard waffle recipe using soy milk in place of cow’s milk. In it, I added some scallions, diced spam, and salt to make it savoury.

It was really tasty, actually! I know the picture doesn’t look like much, but these waffles were actually deliciously crispy and savoury, a great meal or snack!

Avocado Cookies

avocado drop cookies

Ugh! These were soooo nasty! Once again, it’s my fault for not following the original recipe, which calls for adding cocoa powder to mashed avocado to make chocolate fudge cookies.

I wasn’t really feeling chocolate, so I left out the cocoa powder to make some delightfully neon green cookies. Otherwise, I followed the recipe exactly. These took forever to bake. Even after tripling the baking time, and letting them cool, they were so soft and wet as to fall apart when I tried to lift them. And tasted really gross.

As I’ve discovered before, I hate the taste of cooked avocado in savoury dishes. Turns out it’s just as bad in sweet applications. Lesson learned: stop ruining avocado by baking them!


Spam & Veggie Fried Rice

spam and veggie fried rice ingredients

Not feeling up for anything fancy tonight, so I made a fried rice dinner for Kevin with a half a can of spam (leftover from Thursday), cabbage and broccoli, and a ton of garlic.

Too much veggie for his taste, but edible enough thanks to all the XO sauce I tossed in!


Crispy Pork Belly

baked crispy pork belly

This is my first attempt at pork belly, and sad to say it hasn’t turned out well. I followed a recipe from RecipeTinEats but probably left it under the broiler for a minute too long. The skin, which is supposed to be the best part, was instead really tough and unchewable. Most of it went into the trash because Kevin couldn’t eat it. Oh, my heart! Pork belly is so expensive, too. ?


ebay kenwood chef a701a mixer

I participated in my first eBay auction today! I’m really into baking bread lately, and I figured it was time to invest in a nice stand mixer. I was really happy to find this super vintage 70’s era Kenwood mixer! It’s a British brand, so I’ll have to buy a plug converter too, but other than that I’m expecting a pretty solid machine. I bought it for only £32 GBP, and even with shipping, it’ll be less than $100 CAD!

Can’t wait for my very own stand mixer, I’m so excited ♥

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